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All puppies you purchased from the Maltipoos For Sale are covered by at least a 1-year health guarantee puppies. If you are unsure of the coverage, go to the Laws that apply to your state.

Within ten days of buying the puppy, bring him/her to an approved veterinarian to be examined by a licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds within ten days of the purchase date, it is determined that the pet is suffering from a clinical illness or has died because of an injury or illness that is likely to contract prior to or on the date of purchase or delivery date, then you are entitled to the following choices:

Return the dog to receive an entire reimbursement.

Return the dog to get another dog of similar value.

Return the dog and get reimbursement for reasonable vet fees that do not exceed the price of the purchase.

This is not the case to sellers who have presented an official health certificate from vets, have disclosed in writing prior to selling the health issue for which the buyer then wants to transfer the pet.

Within 30 days after purchase, a licensed veterinarian finds your dog suffers from a hereditary or congenital defect that adversely affects the animal’s health, or that your dog passed away because of a hereditary or congenital defect and you cannot claim the same options as described in the preceding paragraph.

You must inform the seller of your examining veterinarian’s address, name, and phone number within 2 days after the veterinarian’s confirmation of the dog’s condition. Failure to inform sellers within 2 days could cause the forfeiture of your rights. Each state has its own set of laws regarding the purchase of a puppy. Please be aware of the laws in the state from that you bought your puppy from.

Every state within the U.S. has different rules regarding the guarantee of health of puppies sold. In states that do not have a compulsory health guarantee in the law, any breeder who advertises on our website is required to guarantee the health of their puppies for a minimum of 30 days. If the state guidelines are in force that guarantees for over thirty days, the law is the one that applies.

Some breeders provide extended guarantees for their pups. It isn’t legal for a breeder to provide an extended health guarantee that is not at least in line with the law of the state. For a more thorough explanation of extended genetic health guarantees, please read below.

Additional Genetic Health Guarantees (when provided)

Another guarantee is specifically for any disease or condition which is confirmed to have a genetic source through a proper examination by a veterinarian and tests.

These warranties do not provide for the normal costs of veterinary care when providing general medical care for the puppy.

Documentation that is correct must be given to the breeder prior to compensation being paid.

This guarantee doesn’t provide coverage for costs related to injuries caused by the owner’s carelessness or accidental injury.

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